Taking the Bite out of a Fight

Posted by: | Posted on: February 21, 2012
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Fighting with your significant other can be very draining. A lot of times it can lead to saying things you don’t mean and that you wish you could take back. It is good to know some strategies for making sure that it does not get to this point.

-Take a Beat
– Walk Away
– Fight Smart

The first thing that is one of the hardest to do during a heated debate is to take a minute and think about what you want to say. Thinking before you speak will help diffuse the situation because you are not just lashing out at your partner. Take a minute, and then make your feelings known in a calmer way. Walking away is another difficult thing to do when you are so mad that you could spit, but you should if your anger is getting the best of you. Walking away is another way to keep yourself from saying something you will regret later. Fighting smart is not about winning, but it is about listening, and repeating things your partner is yelling back. Showing him or her that you are listening is a good way to calm them down a bit. They still might yell but you are now in control of the fight. If none of these methods work, then just give them time to cool down, they are clearly out of control.

Fighting is not fun for anyone, and the quicker you can cool down and make up the better. You know that most of the time you are fighting over something so insignificant that it becomes dumb. If you follow these three tips and try to diffuse the situation then you will do less fighting and more loving. Who wants to fight and ruin a perfectly good day?

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