How to Tell He is Serious

Posted by: | Posted on: May 25, 2012
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Guys have a certain way of showing a girl that they are into them, and they have subtle ways to let a girl know that they are not that serious. These are a few things you can look for to see if he thinks your relationship is going places or if you are just the flavor of the week.

He Asks About Your Day 

He is genuinely interested in your meeting that morning, or an appointment you are nervous about. He not only asks you how your day went, but he remembers details about the things you have to do, and really listens when you tell him about it. A guy who is not interested in a relationship with you is not going to venture into these types of conversations with you.

Planning Ahead 

If he talks about the future, and makes plans weeks, or even months in advance then he is serious about you. If he wants to take you on a camping trip in a few months, unless he is just a really good liar then he is serious about the relationship and wants to make plans with you because he thinks you will still be around then.

Introduces You to his Friends

When he wants you to meet his friends and seems to really be excited about it then this is an excellent way to tell that he is serious about you. If he wants to introduce you to his inner circle then he is planning on you being around for awhile. When a guy is not serious about a girl he does not really car if his friends meet her, and approve of her. If he seeks their approval then you are definitely in for the long haul.

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