How to not compare people to your ex

Posted by: | Posted on: July 12, 2012
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When you were with your ex, you probably thought that he/she was amazing. That’s why you got together in the first place. So when you break up, naturally you’ll begin the deadly habit of comparison. Ok maybe deadly is an eccaduration, but if you want any hope of moving on, then you definitely can’t compare all the new ones to your old ones. Everybody is different. Everybody has strengths and weaknesses. It can be super hard to find a replacement for your ex, and that’s why you shouldn’t be looking for one at all.

Nobody will seem to meet you standards if you are trying to find a replacement for your ex. You have to start a new, learn from your breakup, and move on to somebody new and interesting. This is obviously easier said than done. When you are really comfortable with somebody, things are usually just that, comfortable. You aren’t second guessing yourself or sweating on the tiny details. You guys both know what to expect and you both are very at ease.

This is why when you start dating some one new, you can end up finding them extremely irritating. The small things that they do, the little annoying things they say. You’ll probably find yourself picking on them for every little thing in your head. This is natural, and it’s ok to get annoyed by the new dating prospects that you meet in the beginning, but if you are continually shutting cool people down because they don’t act exactly like your ex, then good luck trying to find someone new. Let go of the old routine you had with your ex and be open to new possibilities!

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