Breaking it off with a rebound

Posted by: | Posted on: July 13, 2012
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A rebound date is a one of the most classic types of relationships out there. People are always making up and breaking up, perpetuating the cycle of the broken hearted dater. Chances are you’ve been on both ends of the spectrum with this too. You’ve been the person running into somebody else’s embrace to ease the pain, and you’ve also been the one hooking up with somebody who just got their heart broken as well . Wherever you’ve been, you probably know that rebound dating doesn’t usually end well.

That’s why it’s best not to do it at all, but if it were that easy, then I wouldn’t be writing this article. The emotions you feel for your rebound romance are usually pretty intense because you are already in an emotionally fragile state. Whether your rebound was just a couple nights of crazy sex, or a few weeks of dates and cuddling, things can get messy when the other person catches feelings. If you’re the one recovering from a breakup, your feelings for your rebound will most likely start to fade as soon as they began.

Now comes the tricky part. When you inevitably realize that your feelings for this person aren’t real and are just a symptom of your broken heart, then you’ve got the unpleasant job of letting them know. You’ll probably feel bad, knowing that it didn’t mean much to you, and that you were using them as a crutch to keep yourself afloat after your breakup. That’s why you have to be straight forward with your rebound. Sit them down (or call them) and be honest. Apologize for getting into things before you were fully ready, and let them know that you shouldn’t keep seeing each other for this reason, and hopefully they don’t hate you afterwards. There really is no turning back when it comes to a fling, so try to cut it off as bluntly as possible, and to give yourself some time to truly be single. 

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