Staying confident during a breakup

Posted by: | Posted on: July 14, 2012
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Breakups have the power to bring you down more than many other shitty life experiences. They have been known to reduce strong, manly men to tears, and confident powerful women to depressed introverts. After a breakup, no matter how nice the weather outside, things just don’t seem as great. It’s harder to enjoy yourself, and you turn into a spacey, pre-occupied, version of yourself. It sucks. Some people continue to feel this way for years; after a serious relationship, getting over it is no easy feat.

That’s why confidence is key.  Your confidence as an individual is what keeps your life moving along. It’s what gets you out to hang with your friends, what gets you working your hardest in school, or going for your dream job. A breakup though, even for the most confident of people, can prove to be quite the nemesis for confidence. Suddenly being alone can make you question everything you once thought you knew about yourself, making everyday tasks suddenly nerve racking.


That’s why, if you don’t want to let your breakup rule your life, you’ve got to keep your eye on your confidence. Of course, in order to emerge happy and stronger after a breakup, everybody needs some time to feel shitty. If you try to suppress the bad feelings then things could end up even worse. But just try to stay aware of how long you feel shitty for, once it’s been some time, then you need to try to re-build your ego. Do the activities that you’ve always loved, stick to the things that you know you’re really good at. By doing this, you’ll remind yourself of your strengths, and you’ll be able to start to improve upon them once again. 

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