Find Pretty Women Where They Are

Posted by: | Posted on: August 5, 2012
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Your first reaction when you want to meet women might be to go to a bar or club.  True, you will meet a lot of interesting women in these kinds of places, but it’s not that easy and the competition is fierce.  Also, a woman who hangs out in a bar or club to meet men might not be exactly the type of women you are interested in at the moment.

The atmosphere in a yoga class, for example, is relaxed and meditative.  Just the opposite of the bar scene.  Also, there are usually twice as many women as men in a typical class, and most people are very helpful to newcomers.   What’s the latest aerobics “trend” in your area?  Women like to try out the latest thing to stay in shape, so this is a great place to meet vibrant, interested women who care about themselves.  After a class, a lot of people hang out at the coffee shop or juice bar at the health club or in the neighborhood.  This is a great opportunity to discuss the class you just attended or ask for help with a particularly new concept.  Or, just ask their opinion on what’s the best juice drink after a vigorous workout?

If you like your women a little more on the sophisticated side go to a wine tasting or art show.  Making conversation in these kinds of atmospheres is normal because that’s what people come there to do – discuss the latest, best new wine or the art of an up-and-coming artist.  You might want to read up on the artist or vineyard before you go so you have some points of conversation ready.

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