Internet Dating

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There are a million sites on the internet for you to join to find your perfect mate. Some of them can be overwhelming. Did you know you can find that perfect someone on regular social networking sites?  Here is how:


  • Fill out your profile – It is important to fill out as much information as you can on your profile. It is like a business card for the twenty first century. You can even see someone’s religious preferences and political beliefs.
  • Likes – A lot of sites offer ways to show your interests. Facebook is a great example of this. You can choose your favorite books, television shows and music. It categorizes them and even shows a nice little picture for each one. It is a great way to see if someone shares the same interests as you.
  • Keep your picture current – It is important to keep your profile picture as current as possible. We know you love that cute picture of yourself from four years ago but it is no longer accurate. There is nothing worse than meeting up on a blind date, only to realize the guy looks more like the father of the person you thought he was. It all comes down to honesty.
  • Don’t be shy – Send a flirty tweet or comment on a status update. Don’t over think it. We all belong to social networks to be social. We crave that interaction as human beings.
  • Be cautious – Just because someone has thousands of friends online does not mean they actually know any of them. People like to put their best foot forward on the internet. The way they describe themselves may not be accurate. Take time to get to know them before meeting them. Always meet in a public setting.




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    sorry girls my network wont let me in

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