Being Sensitive

Posted by: | Posted on: August 17, 2012
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If you are hoping to be successful in the world of seduction, you’re going to have to know how to be sensitive. When a woman looks at a man, from her unique perspective, one of the key things she sees is how sensitive you are. This can be a deal breaker if she feels like you will not be able to be sensitive when you need to be. If the lady in your life doesn’t see a sensitive side, she’s going to be put off. Personality counts for so much, especially if you’re hoping to go further with a relationship.  A huge part of your personality is your ability to be sensitive to her needs all the time.

To be a sensitive guy, you don’t have to cry when a butterfly lands in her hair, or when a movie touches you. You just have to be sweet and understand when she needs your support. If she is upset and you silently hug her to your chest tightly, that can say so much more than any words you could utter to her.

Don’t think it’s just a matter of self-awareness and a general idea of the world around you. The sensitivity women want in a man goes a bit further than those two things. Women are looking for a specific kind of sensitivity in men. Here’s an example you’re sure to remember from some movie you once saw: a young couple are walking along a street at night, and there is a puddle. She is wearing the most inconvenient shoes for that type of situation. He puts the coat over the puddle for her to step on. It seems dumb, but that guy is extra sensitive. He doesn’t want her to get her feet dirty so he sacrifices his coat.

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