Ditch Fear of Rejection

Posted by: | Posted on: August 19, 2012
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If you’re interested in increasing your overall success with women, then you should learn how to approach women without fear of rejection! They’re afraid to approach hot women because they worry about what could go wrong. Typically a lot of men get nervous thinking about what a woman will say and how she might reject him. It sounds pretty simple, but really it is true with most men. When you are not worried that she is going to say no then you can do a lot better.

If you’re intimidated by women, you need to work on building your confidence and become comfortable with approaching hot women. If you see an attractive woman, then you should immediately approach her. You can use this as practice, but soon you will get the hang of it. If you want to ditch the fear of rejection then you are going to need to look within yourself for the confidence you have had all along.

Once you get into a pattern of approaching women and initiating conversations with women, you’ll experience a dramatic increase in your success. Even if you’re only able to pick up a woman once in awhile, you’ll at least have more experience with your approach techniques. Also, you’ll be closer towards eliminating your fear of rejection. Attracting and seducing hot women is possible. But if you let your fears and nervousness get in the way, you’ll have little chance of success. Tell yourself that she is going to want you while you are walking up to her. All you have to do is practice your approach techniques and become more confident, and then you’ll master the art of attraction.

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