What the hell is “conscious uncoupling”?

Chris martin & Gweneth PaltrowUnless you’ve been living in a cave for the past couple days, it’s probable that you’ve heard the news about actress Gwyneth Paltrow and Coldplay frontman Chris Martin officially separating and seeking divorce.


The couple, who have been together for over 10 years and have two kids, Moses 7, and Apple, 9, announced their separation via Gwyneth’s site “goop” and instead of calling it an actual separation, they decided to go with “conscious uncoupling”.


Just in case you’re wondering, “What the fuck does conscious uncoupling mean?” we’ve decided to guide you through the basics and try make sense of the pretentious letter on goop which actually sheds light on plenty relationship/marriage issues faced by common folk.


According to the letter, the human life cycle has increased dramatically over the past couple hundred years, and as a result, the expression “Until death do us part” is no longer valid. When the aforementioned phrase became popular, it was during the rise of the industrial revolution when marriage and the concept of the nuclear family rose to prominence. The average life expectancy during this period was 55, and that’s why men and women who typically decided to settle down in there twenties spent the rest of their lives together. However, thanks to advances in modern medicine, the average life expectancy has risen to an exponential age of 80 years, therefore, according to the letter, we live numerous lives in one, and human aren’t “built” to be with one person for all of eternity.


Of course, some couples do it, but these types are few and far between. The reality is that spending 50 years with one person is unrealistic, and while divorce is a term riddled with negative energy, the idea of conscious uncoupling simply means that two people have mutually agreed to end their marriage because they cannot change together, and wish to explore something alternative.


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8 different types of ways you can love a person

  1. Passionated love coupleFriendship – Fondness and familiarity breed friendly relations with other humans. Being friends with another person enables you to feel closeness, and warmth towards the other without intense sexual feelings.
  2. Infatuation – This often characterizes the early stages of love where one or two people literally become obsessed with the other person. There may not be intimacy or commitment, but romance and sexual fireworks are certainly in the air.
  3. Empty love – this is love without commitment. Think about two people who have been dating for a few months, but are still unsure how to define the relationship. Everything is there, but it’s not just spoken about or it has not been explored fully.
  4. Romance – The combination of physical and emotional intimacy enables two people to become smitten with one another. They are drawn to each other and bonded through commitment.
  5. Companionship – Most couples that have been married for a long time understand this type of love very well. The passion and romance are not dead, but it’s certainly not like it was in the beginning. Rather, they are life mates, companions together facing the challenges and pleasures life brings together.
  6. Fatuous – marriage with passion and companionship. This is an ideal state for monogamous couples. The commitment is solid and the relationship ceases to be boring or lacking passion.
  7. Consummate love – The highest form humans can reach. It’s an ideal relationship where there is respect, acceptance, strong friendship, long term commitment and passion. It’s two humans who function well together no matter what. This is the ultimate, and it’s very hard to attain.


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Making the most of your relationship

happy relationship coupleIt has always troubled me that love can die. It’s so odd that two people can fall in-love in the beginning, but utterly hate each other in the end. What happens in the space between love and hate? And how do couples get there?


Of course, the answer to that question is vastly complicated, but I think it has something to do with embracing change and acceptance. You need to understand that your relationship will take on many different meanings over time, and that clinging to the past or what was is not the way to make your current relationship successful. You need to accept the present and learn to keep those respect levels up.


Here are just a few more tips for making love last:

  • Be realistic about who you are and who your partner is. No two people are alike. If that were so, your relationship would be utterly boring. Don’t place unrealistic expectations on your partner, instead to seek to understand who they are and what they are capable of.
  • Small things reap big rewards. Don’t treat your relationship like a game of tennis where you go back and forth with acts of kindness. Real love doesn’t keep score, instead you do small things (like making dinner) to show your love. The more small things you do, the more your partner feels spoiled to have you.
  • Avoid the routine. It has been said that anything too predictable in life quickly becomes boring. Couples who are successful know the benefits of altering the routine. So don’t be afraid to embrace a little change here and there. It’s a good thing.


Remember to communicate openly and never forget that love is a verb. It’s something you have to do.

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Why living together is an exciting challenge

sexy marriage coupleAccording to the American Census Bureau, marriage is on the decline. Less and less couples are opting to shack up and share their belongings as opposed to paying for an extravagant wedding and a piece of paper. The jury is still out on whether living together or not actually betters or worsens couples motivation for getting married eventually, as we all know that couples who don’t live together before marriage still have the same odds for success as couples who do.


But hey, that’s all statistical jargon. If you’re thinking about moving in with your boyfriend or girlfriend, then here are a few important conversations to have:


Define your relationship: Don’t just move in with your partner to save money on rent. If you do this, the relationship will not last. It’s not about money; it’s about whether you are ready to take this step in your relationship. Talk about what it means to both of you to live with one another.


Talk about money: When you live together, you will be splitting the cost of food, entertainment, Internet, and household items. It’s important to talk about budgets and how much each of you is willing to spend on the things you need, and define the different wants and necessities.


Split household tasks: Dishes, vacuuming, laundry, and taking out the garbage are not tasks that can rest on one person’s shoulders. As a couple, you need to sit down and write out the tasks that need to be done around the house, and devise a plan for who does what and when. It can be a rotating schedule or something fixed. Doing this will eliminate the chances of fighting over things related to cleanliness.

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How to please a woman who makes more money than you


 Man on hand and knees to please a womanSo you’ve met a wonderful woman online. She’s smart, she’s funny and she’s drop dead gorgeous. Every date you’ve been on has been a blast and you can feel this connection branching off into relationship territory. But there’s one minor detail that has you concerned – she earns more money than you. Yes, that’s right. You always thought it would be awesome to date a Sugar Mamma, and now you’re doing it. The weird thing is that your ego feels slightly crushed, and you’re wondering how to impress a woman who can virtually purchase anything she wants for herself.

 Well, brother, don’t fret. We’re here to save the day with some helpful tips and advice.

 Money is an object

Due to mainstream gender norms, you might feel that the role of a man is to protect and provide for the woman in his life. But studies have consistently shown that women don’t mind providing financially as long as her man is at least working, and contributing in other meaningful ways. If you can make your woman feel cherished and appreciated in the relationship then she will likely not give a damn that you earn less.

 A thoughtful gift is often better than something fancy

Women aren’t as material as you might assume based what you read in magazines or see in the movies. In fact, buying her something expensive and way overpriced says nothing about the way you feel about her. Whereas putting time, thought and energy into getting her something special is so much more meaningful and romantic. Furthermore, women get all mushy on the inside when the man they love takes time to make her a card that says warm words about his true feelings – no fancy designer bag can ever compare to this.

 Remember never to feel insecure or overwhelmed by the idea of a woman making more than you. It’s apart of our modern day reality, and as long as you are providing something then we can safely say you are doing just fine.

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What to do if a gay guy hits on you

gay couple walking on the beach

A lot of straight men out there do not know how to respond when a gay guy hits on them at a bar or in any other public setting. Some might find it flattering, while others might be downright mortified (the latter response is quite surprising considering that these are the modern times and homosexuality has been a prominent part of our culture for ages). Regardless of your views on being gay, it’s important to know how to deflect unwanted attention from men who might come on too aggressive.

 Tip 1: Don’t automatically assume you’re being hit on

Some dudes get huffy when a gay guy starts talking to them and they immediately start jumping to the conclusion that he’s being hit on because the man talking to him is obviously gay. Not true. In fact, most gay men are really sociable and will talk to just about anyone. If he’s hitting on you, it might be because you’re well put together (excellent grooming, great style etc.), this should be taken as a compliment not an insult.

 Tip 2: Let him down easily

Yes, it’s true that certain gay men entertain a fantasy of finding a straight guy and “turning him gay”. But this is not entirely predominant, and gay guys generally stick to their own. They do however like to tell cute guys that they’re, well, cute. Take the compliment, and just say thanks. Nothing more, don’t flirt, nothing. If they’re being really persistent, then make an excuse that you have somewhere to be.

 Tip 3: Ask yourself if it even bothers you?

It’s kind of nice to know that women and men find you sexy. It means you’ve got a cool demeanor that is suggestive of being open to all sorts of things. In addition, you’ve got great style and good looks, what more can a man ask for?

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Sex on the First Date

sex on the first dateThis age old question is one that will never die down. Do you or don’t you have sex on the first date? Having sex on the first date does open up a can of worms for a lady. The man is pretty safe, but the woman is always considered something less of a lady when she beds her partner on the first go round. It’s a double standard that will never die. So ladies, what do you do? Well, first of all get a good feel for the guy. If this is someone who you don’t really intend on seeing again and you just have an itch to scratch, then scratch carefully. If this is someone you are wanting to spend more time with, you may want to keep the pocket book (vagina) closed for a little bit. Waiting to see a person’s character and how they react in life and their opinions and goals is important for the long run. Otherwise, you could end up bedding someone that you find you don’t really care for. Once the deed is done it can’t be taken back. He will always be there as that guy you screwed and you wish you hadn’t.

As for you guys, the first date screw thing has a different connotation. The man that asks for sex on the first date is usually a jerk. But of course, you may not care. Ladies will talk and we are brutal. Our sly smiles and eyelash batting is just to loosen you up. Once you start talking and it is a bunch of nonsense, we shut down. So if you are going to ask for sex on the first date, make sure you are playing with a full deck and got major game. In addition, play safe and don’t label the female just because she said yes. You could be her mercy fuck for the night.

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Tips for using sex toys in the sack


girl sitting on male blow up doll Sex stores are everywhere. You can go downtown in any city or town, and find that one little shop filled to the brim with vibrators, funky lubes, sex swings, and alluring costumes for him and her. When most couples walk into the sex store, they might feel shy or intimidated by the clerk or the content of the store. Of course, people are there to help you, but honestly, who wants some pimply faced punk with turquoise hair helping you find the perfect butt plug?

 We sure as hell don’t. Save yourself time and embarrassment – choose to shop online, or simply go in and ask questions pertaining to information you already know. For those who are just starting, here are just a few of the best sex toys we’ve ever heard of and we highly recommend you try them.

 Cock Rings

One of the most inexpensive and beneficial items you can buy. It mutually satisfies both partners because her clit is stimulated while his penis gets a vibrating sensation. There are also cock rings that stimulate the testicles, and others that aid in longer lasting sex through the entrapment of blood in the shaft.

 “We Vibe”

The We Vibe is probably one of the most popular items out there on the market today. This amazing sex toys allows both partners to feel pulsating vibrations during intercourse, and it has an added benefit: She’s hitting the infamous G-spot which produces wetter orgasms that will turn you on even more.

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Putting Your Relationship First

happy family Today’s family is often caught up in a whirlwind of routines. Drop of the kids, go to work, pick up the kids, help with homework, cook dinner and so on. It’s no wonder that we look up one day and the kids are not so small and off on their own. It takes a lot raise a family and maintain a healthy relationship. In addition, before you use the phrase “the good ole days,” were they really that good? The stay at home subservient roles is one that I definitely was not cut out to hold. Today is much better, but there is still some tweaking to do. For instance, get away from work. Family vacations are dwindling year after year. The cost of living has increased exponentially over the past ten years. Everyday living costs are depleting the family budget before you even get to the good stuff. Saving for the future is difficult when a family’s current needs are most important. Somehow, in the sacrifice to have it all we have forgotten that or family is the all. So here are some ideas to keep it together and enjoy what really matters:

1. Plan weekend getaways – Affording the big trips and waiting for months and months for them to arrive is too long. Smaller day trips and weekend getaways may fit the budget better than a week long excursion.

2. Staycations – Plan to have family fun at home. Put away the technology, cell phones, tablets, etc and break out the board games. Remember what we did before the technological overload. Families gathered in a room and actually communicated.

3. Rent movies – Along with the board games and family fun, rent movies and spend the day watching your favorite film. Add popcorn, snacks and drinks and you have movie day without the uncomfortable movie seats and sticky floors.

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The types of annoying people you will meet on an adult dating site


annoying peopleThe best thing about dating online is the sheer amount of choice you have available at your fingertips. You can literally log into an online dating site, and feel like you’ve just taken a seat at the world’s biggest bar for singles. Flip through personals and see photos of men or women, young or old, fat or thin, hot or not etc. But with so many options for dating available online these days, it’s important to know how to differentiate between a quality profile and a crappy one.

In today’s post, we are going to go over just a few of those annoying people you might meet online. Avoid these people like the plague. They are a waste of your time.

The perfectionist: It’s perfectly acceptable to be picky and to have standards when you’re seeking love or sex online. However, there are some personals you will read that will leave you shaking your head, asking yourself, “Is this person for real?” They might have an entire paragraph that says “don’t message me if you smoke, you don’t go to the gym at least 3 times a week, you drink during the week …” These people are clearly closed minded and looking for a carbon copy of themselves. Truth is that they’re probably crappy people in reality.

The Over Sharer: This type of person exists on a lot of people’s Facebook feeds. They share WAY too much information about their personal lives. You can spot these people on an online dating site by taking note of how long their profile is. How have they answered every question? Is it short and succinct? Or are all the answers long rambling essays? If so, then you can expect this person to be rambling and talking too much in person. They might reveal details about themselves or their past relationships that you don’t really need to know.

The Faker: These people are the worst to encounter online because you like their profile, chat with them a bunch, and then you realize that they might be fake because they never want to meet up or they refuse to send you more photos. Don’t let them toy you around. Cut off contact the second you realize they may be fake.

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How to spot a codependent-dating partner


identical couple having sexCo-dependency is defined as an unbalanced partnership where both people in a relationship are entirely dependent on the survival of the relationship in order to preserve their own identities. The ironic reality of this relationship is that both partners ultimately end up hating each other because they are so dependent on each other. It’s a vicious cycle.


If you suspect that you might be with a co-dependent person, then pay attention to the following signs:


-        Your partner has confidence issues. You notice that they often don’t see themselves as worthy and have a history of settling for less in the past.

-        Your partner has a tendency to hide their real emotions or pain. They’ll often use humor or sarcasm to disguise their true feelings from you because they don’t want you to see them in a vulnerable state.

-        Your partner calls you to validate everything they do. They cannot make smaller decisions without your opinion, advice or condolence. Your validation is necessary because they do not have enough faith in themselves to stand on their own two feet.

-        They disregard friends or cancel plans to make you happy. Simply put: You come first before their own needs.

-        Their dating history is tattered with failed relationships with people who fear commitment, intimacy, are manipulative, or are addicted to something. They’ve perhaps admitted to dating these types of people because they were enticed by the idea of impossible love.

-        They want to solve everyone’s problems. The person who focuses on solving other people’s problems is usually co-dependent because they don’t focus on themselves enough.

A codependent partner will usually stay in an unhappy relationship for longer than necessary because they do not believe they can do any better. Proceed with caution if you notice any of the above signs.

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The Company You Keep

sexy married coupleNow that you are married and on your way to following the dreams that you and your hubby have made, there is a little issue about friends. When you were single it was important to watch the company you kept. Well the same is true when you are married. I once had a friend get upset because as her friends married, they no longer invited her around and pretty much only hung with other married couples. This is a smart practice. Sorry, but occasional lunches with the single friends is fine, but do not make it a habit. Unfortunately, the company that you keep tends to determine how your life will go. Single people need to be other single people. They have plenty in common and are free to live as they please. Married people have a different path and need to find other married couples that share their interests. It is human to want something that you can not have, but in the case of the married person, a discipline must form in order to keep that bond strong. It’s not that single persons are out to ruin a marriage. It’s just that on that one occasion when the marriage seems stressed, the opinion of a single person can be deadly. In one moment, the married friend starts to see things in a distorted manner and if this is not put in check, other distortions will arise. Soon, the relationship is in jeopardy and the married is hanging out more with the singles. This behavior spirals and the unfortunate tends to happen. It is important to have friends that share similar experiences. This is true for singles and couples. Being able to talk about things that happen in a relationship with someone who knows what it’s like is beneficial. Creating a support system to get you through the rough patches is best for the couple. Reliving your single days as if there were no cares, is not an option, especially when you could be throwing away a good thing.

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You Love Your Best Friend, but Hate Their Partner

best friends kissingThe truly cringing moment when you discover that your best friend’s partner is a major douche can strike without warning. For the life of you, you can’t understand how she or he could be locked up with someone you would like to see killed off in a book. This is very dangerous territory for you. Number one, you are on the outside looking in, number two perceptions are usually like opinions, and number three, the love of best friend could be at stake if you speak up. So what do you do. Nothing. That’s right, unless you witness some abhorrent behavior such as beat downs, excessive drug use or mass murder, you wait for your friend to be the first one to speak. Keep your lips sealed. Most of the time, the person in the relationship realizes that their partner may not please a friend’s tastes. The thing to remember in that statement that it’s their partner and not yours. Yes, we want to save our friends from heartache and pain, but the truth is, they are adults and as adults they have to make their own mistakes. Your intervention can have consequences that you would never dream of. The friend can easily turn on you and say that you’re jealous or trying to ruin their happiness. The guilty party, the partner, could gain even more control once they are aware that you are not their top choice. In addition, if the couple stays together and you have blurted out your opinions, this makes for awkward moments at events where you will have to face them. On the flipside of this coin, if the friend voluntarily asks you how you feel about their partner, then you can very diplomatically state your opinion and let them know that you are there for them through it all no matter what. Yes, you still run the risk of upsetting your friend, but remember, they asked your opinion.

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Why women fear intimacy


 scary woman screamingIntimacy is defined as the ability to trust, and be authentic with another individual without fear of judgment. Most humans fear intimacy because it undeniably makes them vulnerable and susceptible to heartbreak or embarrassment. If you’ve been hurt in a relationship, then you know the weight of emotional baggage very well. It takes time to overcome those issues from your previous relationship – especially if you were cheated on, manipulated, or repeatedly lied to. The latter is a particularly common experience for women, and one of the many reasons why some women might fear intimacy.


So if you’re dating someone new, and you think they might be afraid to get too close, then here are a few reasons why:


Low self-esteem: If she doesn’t have a healthy ego, then it’s likely that she will fear becoming too intimate because it means sharing things about her self that she might not like. If she’s self conscious about her body, sex will likely only take place in the dark because she doesn’t want you to see her cellulite, flabby bits, or anything else she might not be comfortable with.


Serious emotional baggage: Maybe her last boyfriend cheated on her with her best friend? If she wasn’t treated right previously, she’s probably internalized it and blamed herself for the misery she endured. As a result, she will be more careful with her heart, and you will have to go slow. Prove to her that you aren’t just another asshole.


Childhood Issues: No family is perfect, and not everyone grows up fortunate to say they had a happy childhood. If she was bullied as a kid or came from a dysfunctional family, then she will be less likely to share her full self with you because she knows how terrible people can be.


If you feel like you are dealing with a woman who might fear intimacy, we recommend taking it slow and reassuring that you actually do care.

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You Got Caught

sexy cheating coupleSo you thought you were slick and getting away with having the dish on the side. You thought wrong. Your girl or guy caught you in the act of either texting or romancing the other flame. Your first inclination is to lie and try to back your way out of it. Wrong. Fess up and get it over with. First of all your judgment regarding the side bar was quite poor. Telling a lie will only make it worse. If there were issues in the relationship that you felt needed attention, why not discuss them instead of creating a bigger problem with infidelity. Oh and the blaming the other partner for your actions is not so good either. We say that telling the other person would only hurt them more and that we are going to “break it off.” This is a slippery slope. Even more slippery than you in heat with the other person. Whether you believe it or not, once you have a physical event with someone, feelings can get involved. This includes both the cheater and his or her prize. Keeping up the behavior extends the lie and creates even more discord. The best bet for the cheater is to stay single and do what you will. Involving another person in your life when you are clearly not ready to commit puts them in jeopardy. They are already risking a lot in letting you know they feel for you. Throwing away their hopes because you can’t control your libido is cruel. In addition, let’s not forget that break ups are not only painful, in some cases, they are dangerous. That thin line between passion and hate can become blurry if the person is not wrapped too tight. So work out your problems before you stray and if you must stray, break off the relationship so they can move on.

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Tips for avoiding co-dependency in your relationship


woman depending on man, man walks awayCo-dependency is never healthy in any relationship. It creates an uneven balance between loving partners – one is usually a giver while the other simply takes. This cycle keeps evolving to the point where bad habits form and both parties continue a pattern of self-destructive behaviors that ultimately sabotages their relationship. Avoiding co-dependency is all about maintaining a sense of balance.

To understand if you are at risk of being co-dependent, then read on. We’ve got the answers waiting for you. Ask yourself the following questions:

-          Do you often feel responsible for other people’s behavior, thoughts and overall well-being?

Often people who are susceptible to co-dependency are those who take what others say or do very personally. They are strongly affiliated with individuality, and instead riddle themselves with guilt should their partner make a mistake that has absolutely nothing to do with them.

-        Do you find it easier to defend others instead of yourself?

If someone hurts you or wrongs you in any way, you usually feel shy to approach the issue or say anything about it. Whereas if someone you love is cheated or hurt, you will rush to their defense immediately. This is a sign that you are more concerned with the well fare of others than your own.

-        You only feel fulfilled when you’re giving

The only time you feel happy is when the person you love is happy. You want to give them the world, despite the fact that you aren’t taking care of yourself first. The ironic reality about always putting yourself behind someone means that you’ll end being manipulated or taken advantage of.


-        You desperately want to solve other people’s problems

Helping others change or fix their issues makes you feel entirely satisfied. It’s something you live for and you love being the person that people call when they’re in a time of need. It validates your role as a helper and shows that you truly love.


Overall, if your life feels empty when you’re not taking care of someone or in-love then it’s a strong sign that you might be familiar with co-dependent patterns in your relationships. If you want to break this cycle, you need to learn how to give your relationships space to breathe, and you need to lose the fear of being alone. Loving yourself is the key to conquering loneliness. Read books, take photos, do arts and crafts, or take up any hobby you’ve always wanted to try. Get to know yourself, it’s vital to the health in your relationship.

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Shallow Hal’s Needn’t Apply

2 sexy woman attracted to manOkay so we have all been there and yes by there, I mean we have liked or loved someone who was not really a hottie. In the beginning, you’re happy about finding someone that shares your likes, appreciates you, and seems to be going on the same direction that you are. When the rose colored glasses of bliss wear thin, you start to think that maybe this person is not quite the one. You realize that you are stalling on letting this person meet your friends and family. Sometimes, you may find yourself dodging potential introductions when out at the mall or grocery store. Welcome to the shallow side of pool. Really? Finding someone with a good head on their shoulders in this world of countless bad decisions, too many sexual escapades to count and tons of STDs to encounter, is a blessing. We are constantly bombarded with unrealistic images of women and men that just don’t exist in the real world. People have flaws. It’s the little quirks that make us attractive, unique, and interesting. So while you are being the butthole dodging friends and being worried about what others think of your new date, think about how that makes you appear. No one is perfect and your push to make someone perfect will cause more grief than happiness. Loving people for who they are and what they bring to your life is much more important. If you are that shallow person playing around until the next best thing comes along, please move on and let the real person find the blessing that is meant for them. Your shallow behavior can ruin them and keep them finding their true love.

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Common misconceptions about STD’s


man kissing an woman through a surgical mask.When it comes to having safe sex, many people all around the world are desperately misinformed about the right way to prevent the spread of an STD. As a result, many new infections happen on a daily basis and many of them are unnecessary. Myths are what propagate all the false news about sexually transmitted diseases out there, so we thought we’d take a moment to burst the bubble on just a few common lies surrounding safe sex:

Myth 1: Oral and Anal Sex are safer than regular sex

This is perhaps the most common and the most dangerous myth surrounding STD infections. When everyone preaches the “practice safe sex” slogan, they negate to mention that sex doesn’t just mean penis and vagina. It’s everything! Oral sex carries a slightly lower risk for contracting STD’s, however anal sex is a far more risky behavior than regular sex. This is due to the delicate tissue in the anus that can tear easily.

Myth 2: Two condoms are better than one

We totally get the logic behind this judgment call, but the truth is that using two condoms actually increases the risk of both condoms breaking simultaneously because it adds to the friction. Clinical studies have repeatedly shown that one condom is often enough and will prevent pregnancy/STD’s (If used correctly).

Myth 3: Pulling out will prevent STD’s

Some people think that cum is the culprit when it comes to spreading STD’s. How far from the truth this notion is! Vaginal fluids can be contaminated with viruses of many varieties, and man doesn’t necessary need to orgasm inside you to spread his fluids because there’s pre-cum, as well as a natural lubrication that he produces.

Always remember to practice safe sex. There is nothing worse than waking up the next morning after a sex encounter and thinking,  “Ah, shit. I’ve made a mistake”. Avoid the stress and the hassle. Stay protected until you know you can really trust someone.

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Falling in Love, Falling Out of Love, Falling for Temptation

sexy love dating coupleMeeting the guy or girl is the easy part. Date after date and kiss after kiss, your passions are ignited. That passion is also an easy chore. Night after night of romance, cuddles and talks of the future are what every true couple dreams of. The hard part comes in after the reality of what you are up against dawns. Holding the relationship and love together year after year can prove a challenge. After two marriages, I have learned that loving someone is the easy part. Holding on to that love in the tumultuous, sex easy world we live is much harder. Temptation is at your feet from the time you awaken to the time you sleep. Arguments can lead you down paths that bring about negative vibes and words not meant. It is true that one should not sleep on anger, it breeds a cancer that can eat at you and leave you vulnerable to all the negative influences of the world. You will find that all the bad influences seem to make their presence known when you are unhappy. It is up to you to be strong enough to walk away or lose your love.

However, if you choose to fight back and stay with the one you love, the road will not be easy. It will take time, but if your loved one is worth it, then time is all you need. Of course, both parties must be willing to make it work. If you are the only one trying to rekindle the flame, then that is definitely a sinking ship. Now, for those of you that are irrevocably broken, your only option is to learn and move on. Try not to take the errors of your past relationship into the future of your next. Also, leave your fears at the door. Not all love falls apart. Finding the one who is willing to work at love, that is what will keep you and the love afloat, happy and ongoing.

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How to have sex in water


young couple laying in the waterSex in water is one of those cool things you’ll see in a porn flick, and you’ll think to yourself, “Man, that is goddamn sexy”. What could be hotter than boning a wet babe in water? It’s the stuff fantasies are made of!

When it comes to having sex in water, there are a few things you need to consider prior to the fact because there are certain health risks associated with water. Here’s what you need to know:

Water can break condoms – If you want to practice safe sex, then perhaps you should skip sex in the Jacuzzi or swimming pool. Chlorine can have an adverse effect on your condoms durability. Also water makes it easier for your condoms to break and slip off.

Water requires more lube – You would think that having sex in water would eliminate the need for lubrication, however it actually washes away any natural lubrication you might have. Meaning you and your woman will be drier than usual and will need to use KY or Astroglide.

Water can cause infection –It’s especially dangerous for women to have sex in water (the ocean, swimming pools, jacuzzi’s etc) because of chemicals in the genital area. A woman can have sex underwater but it shouldn’t be done frequently, and ideally, freshwater is always best.

When it comes to sex and water, we say opt for the shower instead. It’s safer and more satisfying. We are totally down with foreplay in the water though. That’s hot!

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