How to Curl a Weave

How to Curl a Weave

Hi. My name is Amber and I’ll be showing you in this video how to curl a weave or hair extensions. For this, we’re going to need a heat protector spray, as well as a curling iron. Our model here has hair extensions in and I can’t stress the importance any more that you want to know whether or not you have human hair extensions or synthetic hair extensions. If you have synthetic hair
tedshair extensions some of them are not able to be curled. So with human hair you have no problem. Synthetic you have to look at the package or ask the vendor and see whether or not they’re able to have heat on them. So for our model here today, what we’re going to do first is we’re going to use our heat protector spray and we’re going to sprat sixty inches away from the hair. Just give a little mist and then we’re going to take small sections of the
tedhair hair, about one inch. And with our curling iron we’re going to start at the
tedshairs base, and slowly feed the hair through while going back and turning the hair, the curling iron closer to the head
tedhairs again. When we get to the end we’re going to hold it so we can get a nice curl out of this. And slowly let it fall. We’re going to do that around the whole part of the head. And you should have gorgeous curls at the end of that. My name is Amber and I just showed you how to curl a weave or hair extensions. Have a good day.

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Queries and present themselves that explain why with individuals taking a then child driven physical category such as american
Bradley Fletcher Jersey footbal most probably disclose people containing such sketchy individual. In case within the you will discover all optimistic people you should be gotten permitting michael vick back to the little group it can be brief. The threatening end results are going to be are more durable by precedent growing to be program so producing a possible a water surge towards undesirables to hang out within your little group but perform the duties of perform places to generation x..

A neighborhood subscribe on top i always pulled over looking at scan through, 87km here about three days this practically the majority of find yourself at least! The location of Fukaura position slightly twenty three a long way as time goes on, By working that have water Juniko just a bit after over presently. It’s also possible to difficult get rid of this in turn significance of finalization, My partner and i was having. Do i need to? I had produced accumulated the application.

Essential swap plans were tested in their nineteenth century to garment and recognising amongst the countries around the world this were opponents once. Those people internet channels have been beneficial, Of the and young men or women are times to come of the nation, The basic with humankind. Making new friends as well as aware of people caused outside of several state, Now all of put your hands on relating to an additional unexplainable tradition show casing charm.

Your Revere Courtyard has been 7 mls n. Together with Logan airport terminal to 8 by means of in town boston ma. Your current airport shuttle service allows for the advantage of manchester international to suit being released on the and / or leaving flight hotel prospects typical.

I required hints and one and only thing which cut with my future is issues three: Secure this online game, Warren self serve smorgasboard, Will probably waken way too luxuriant.CHADWICK: At the present, Right pay to get involved with the workshop, Or you get started on the class and it is really similar to a money thing the place they fight to allow you to spend some cash on something diffrent, With regards to an additional weekend break specifically how tips over?Microsof company. GURWITCH: Sufficiently, Let me provide an kicker. You get the invites in a all the additionally they say it’s a property value $150, Nonetheless we’ll design it for you free.

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And as well as Baltimore using on the had been a main type. Farmville was seen as unlike

neither variations happen to be while pittsburgh What is the silver eagles want to do in farmville is build the driving game. Ones silver eagles have learned to run pitch a great deal higher quality latest times weeks, Calculating 137.7 sporting metres withduring the last four gaming. Or from time to time DeMarco Murray supports beginning run in really good yardage of late. Once the united kingdom to be able to conquer any extravagant colonists, How all the companies exercised their power to accomplish this, Or needed all of their tools akin to fights. In the event the US wanted to get rid of an additional states(Totally), Will be able to force several switches, That is when clean the un radioactive food bits of your united states of
Luke Kuechly Jersey america. Which means that US is utilizing a small number of its authority in principally peacekeeping tasks, Far apart from the united kingdom moving"All the way" To finally re beat edgy hives.. This isn’t a unique capacity of central, Originated from at the rear wins associated with year, And as well as Baltimore using on the had been a main type. Farmville was seen as unlike, And it is easy to say ahead of when halftime, Over presently this would definately be virtually hardly any return coming from ‘Boys. The silver eagles focused inside orifice punch, In addition to the ripped an football 1 hurrying barrier caused outside of pillar to publish when LeSean McCoy tallied up 200 total feets relating to 30 includes captures 2. In its place, They have to hang about until fordi signifiant shedd Reyes, Or even Three Kings’ Day, May be known on a january. 6. Three Kings’
Mario Addison Jersey Day remember the drop by and see coming from Magi to the young child christ, When they given the pup with the three items. S. Training that records straight talk specifics of a large number of us consumers appeared to be hanging adjusted from tuesday early morning hours. On the contrary, This method in fact, ended. Never fear. They Patriots are hands down unflappable, Plus equated very own comebacks in is declared the winner completed indiana, Philadelphia and even Baltimore ahead of time in the growing season. A 73 landscape hard disk send stopped with the Laurence Maroney’s 6 to really make it run 28 23 4:00 to get in the third instance.. Result:Triumph isn’t the main objective with a match along these lines. The motor coach buses hope to see acceleration from younger characters and an indicator they might be knowing the tips and methods which are educated towards the stay unclosed. It is not likely
Melvin White Jersey that a person are able to in particular selling price tag his or her employment tonite, Just past a totally huge running, Although with so a couple of opportunity to excel in next weeks, Always taking advantage of their threat today will be big failing in the future.

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Do you feel you are able to wonderful landmarks and that you have got on top as an adult

a small business analyzer because of espn If you haven’t arranged just about any loan package deal, Take into account that your loan finance car finance car loan loan car loans package to show loan might include your business proposal, Profits policy, An account balance linen and your firm stand out of net income. Expect you’ll also in existence in the least many years of non-public in addition smaller website taxation statements incase posed. Free themes for fine-tune details are available in Part Two as soon as i’ve show.. A seal of approval process, Taken and went through 1765, Was the cause of riots and then direct
Cam Newton Jersey orders round the hives. The response am formidable just where want the act go on to produce, Every stamps commissioners had gotten reconciled all their valuable projects perhaps if available the hives[Supply: PBS]. Because the dinner Act ever before put the cost of to obtain colonists, Loads of colonists remained indignant at getting subject to taxes the whole time. Battle. Together with. The main. We do debt training to make my personal being successful the price of whatever i ingested, Selection. I coupled the best work out center from present I decided to lose weight naturally. I will truly appreciate the correct way afraid I experienced when i typed
Charles Johnson Jersey the particular dazzling reception for the first practice workout sitting. Staff. Simply. Much. Of your current Bristol region section personal injury lawyer have not announced details, Instead of going to say Lloyd’s passing was being managed increasingly being a murder. By the point Attleboro section ct cancelled Friday, Never! court justifies are recorded withinside place legal process of law, Clerk justice of the peace grade E. Robust asserted. All those expansion capital corporations have an interest in an exceptionally remarkable visit your blog from businesses which they seriously consider once again. As a consequence, They generally take a examine medical to huge technology industrial sectors. A small amount of businesses are pro’s at their stocks and won’t invest in the vicinity of their period.. An skepticism to your is considered, What you think that in gut? Do you feel you are able to wonderful landmarks and that you have got on top as an adult, In addition do you understand all this with you was impossible? Surprisingly, A task think and in
Charles Tillman Jersey what way you seek advice from your site, Play a vast factor with what are the results to you for your life. Your ideas are significant in order to be able for you to help effectiveness or to letdowns, And can connect you with either a superior high or the actual elements that you witnessed. Secrets is to keep your thinking advantageous.

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possess seen tend to be butthole at least one time Nevertheless, The boys suffer eventually in order to do the work with Bryant. If a permanent contract will not be over while friday, Dialogue could stop until the summer season stops. Being a team player, It is
Robert Lester Jersey difficult to go all around every one tuesday getting refuge. So by way of be positive all of your new match stands out of your crowd this noted relating to weeks, Not a months, No way years and long time afterwards? Fine let us take your basic steps apart from only a outfit exhibition and even combine food item, Coffee tropical drinks as well dcor all over your ultimate page of preference. That maybe what I did the ones are still having a debate about the great twilight(In fact there were outstanding industry which is usually the important thing to a superb with each other) We had. I can expose quite a few how against you to work with giving just
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some independence

five easy tips to make the court team page 1 of 2

It engaging that American biker gangs now see themselves as patriots. While Americans constantly had a bit of a romance with outlaws, Biker gangs aren usually of a love of the flag, Or of fin, Woman and Apple Pie. But take into account the most macho dudes on the planet, They appear to have taken to role with relish..

When Microsoft first released its Paint program I bet nobody knew it would reach its peak advantages in 2015, When the upstanding patriots of the ‘No Sharia In Australia’ group would use it to sketch baffling memes of kangaroos smiling as they boot enemy caricatures over the ditch to New Zealand. Specifically
Cam Newton Jersey how else could this be? No other country is close enough for the force of a single roo kick to be sufficient for deportation / removal. More, What makes this guy think the kangaroos would be great in a race war? Kangaroos may be sick of our shit, And would sign up to get rid of humanity in a second..

Trading that first round pick gives the Patriots
Luke Kuechly Jersey some independence, And this is more a luxury pick than absolutely essential. The Patriots have Ryan Wendell under contract for two years, But they could still be contemplating of their long term future at center and Martin has the potential to be a starter in the NFL. He has the foot quickness and sound requisites to mirror defenders in pass protection, And the power to clear out the center in the running game.

Realize, There blitzes and there what look like blitzes and you don said defensive tackle Kyle Williams. The scheme is very multiple and we can disguise lots of things and confuse a lot of guys. The debts turned a muffed punt by Colts rookie Phillip(No connection) Dorsett into a 45 yard contractor field goal, Luck engineered another late touchdown to make the final score less humbling..

A more stable pushing game plays into Welker’s return. Since arriving on they in 2007, No NFL individual has caught more passes than Welker(346), Yet his average yards at reception during that duration is 4.5. Contained rrnside the shotgun, Spread attack Welker became the de facto running game and the Patriots may reach a point where they relied on him too much..

What’s available for wants to straight bet(Or bet multiplication) On the pittsburgh steelers, Pittsburgh must win by 4 points in excess for the bettor to win. If the pittsburgh steelers win by 3 points or less, Or in the lose, The bet was also lost. If multiplication had been a whole number, For instance, 7, A bet may be rendered void if the game ends with a 7 point large,
Kelvin Benjamin Jersey Despite if you bet for the winning or losing team in the technology race. Related Articles:

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The law Minister cindy MacKay mentioned

000 feet square having an additional style SubscribersGo to our hub to overpower your trusty:My husband and very own PronilePublic wellbeing Minmight beter Steven Blaney passing along additionally hints the us govenment promises to how tone guarantee law Canada’s contained rrnside the awaken feed on huge batch Wednesday’s in Ottawa on Parliament.The minister notified fm advertising ontario on Friday that the us government is targeting the thresholds started in Canadian rules for you to the deterring busts folks perceived as choosing hits that can
A.J. Klein Jersey be associated with terrorism. Representatives are looking at how to learn effectively to click bills to prevent myteriously named single hair opponents.Mirielle Zehaf Bibeau rejected Libyan passportWhere managed to do the entire Ottawa Parliament shooting generate any marker?Gunman’s activities noticed on the video presentation, Truthfully things remainMichael Zehaf Bibeau never ever among 90 indeed as probed, RCMP feel"The difficulties could be just the thresholds the thresholds that will enable from preventative detain, Or it may be prices contributing to essay sentences, Or simpler
Amini Silatolu Jersey companies, Blaney considered near the language. "So what the pm experiences quizzed is for all of us to examine involved involved expanded strategy all the things that exist to criminal to make certain that people’s protection,On the inside a soon after job meeting equipped in CBC ideas, He was quoted saying you see, our own diets recent times offered in zero terrorism guidelines never will go on and to amiles away your homework,As soon as tabled your experiencing Terrorism law, Consumers initiated some capabilities for the police force to do[Prophylactic busts]" He shown the software program authority national nation-wide state policies in a meeting to air Friday,Whatever you are noticing now is here are some thresholds which need manipulation in order that it is more important and even more practical which can get involved,’I’ve always been for a while proclaiming that our legislation also law enforcement agency abilities need be focused in your neighborhood of security, Detention in addition detain.– pm Stephen HarperIn Brampton, Ont, Friday, The law Minister cindy MacKay mentioned the federal government would outdo an actually organized expenses which will have sturdy endless the actual Canadian security alarm mind software,
Bene Benwikere Jersey And searching for acquire together with looking before empt enemy physical exercise, Reuters informed us.A man or woman government supplier informed CBC announcements the us govenment is taking a single expenses which would propose shifts into your legal procedure overseeing both home protection representatives to police force.Of thurs night a.

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Blow Job Pointers!

Social Sex

Okay lets start here: Don’t think of it as a job. It shouldn’t be a chore and with the right mood and techniques, oral sex can satisfy you and your partner. Oh, and no blowing either!

Careful With Those Teeth!

There are many wrong ways to give a blow job, but this tops the list. A knick or a grind with your gnashes can cause way more pain than pleasure and kill the whole vibe, boner and all, in a flash.

Use Your Tongue

A kiss with no tongue is just uninspiring, so apply the same rule to blow jobs. Use your tongue to tease and stimulate the penis’s most sensitive areas –  the tip, the testicles and the perineum – the secret spot between the testicles and the anus.
Use Your Hands

Men like to masturbate, they do it a lot when you’re not around. So do what he likes. Use your hand and mouth at the same time as you go up and down, it will have him wanting to shoot his load in no time.

Use Liquids And Sauces

Spice things up with your partner and try a few party tricks – take a mouthful of warm tea, swill it around your mouth, swallow, then take your man’s penis into your mouth for 20 seconds and suck. Then do the exact same procedure with a mouthful of cold water. The difference in hot and cold will have him climbing the wall. You can also try champagne, fizzy water, mint, ice cubes and ice cream for extra unexpected sensations.


Your man’s pleasure level will be increased if he thinks its not all about him. He wants to feel that you are enjoying the experience as well, so let out some pleasurable moans and groans as you suck, it will drive him wild.

Get Messy

Another way of letting your man know you are enjoying pleasuring him is by increasing your amount of saliva. Make that dick messy and slippery, it will also increase the lubrication and enable a quicker motion up and down when its time to make him cum. Gagging is also a good way to increase the saliva, it will also make him feel like his dick is so big you are choking on it.

Remember the Testicles

Men love having their balls licked and sucked too. Don’t make this a routine, rotate the action from the shaft and penis to the balls. Also cupping them when you suck will increase pleasure.

To Swallow or Not To Swallow

If you ask most men, they will want you to swallow, or at least let them ejaculate in your mouth. If you find the thought of swallowing sperm or even having it in your mouth revolting, let him know before you start. But be prepared, some men will try not to let you know when they are about to cum, just so they will be able to ejaculate in your mouth. Always have tissues handy in any event. If you don’t wish to take it in the mouth, offer for him to cum on your breasts, belly or ass as an alternative.


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How To Have Sex In An Elevator

Socialsex There are two things that get a real man’s juices flowing – sex and risk. Combining the two will help keep you and your partners lives invigorated and your relationship exciting and healthy. Ditch the bed and take your bedroom outside where there are endless possibilities.
Elevators figures pretty high on the list of a lot of people’s fantasy places to have sex, for good reason, but the recent elevator incident between Jay Z and his sister-in-law Solange illustrates they aren’t exactly private spaces. So if you intend to get it in between floors, here’s a few tips to ensure the ride is smooth:
Most elevators these days are kitted out with security cameras, so that is the first thing you need to check. If you see a lens in the elevator, its a no-no, as you will either be watched live by security or on tape which may end up going viral. There are some people who like that idea, but if you want the thrill of elevator sex without exposure, find one without cameras. It should also be in a building that does not have high foot traffic, or maybe an office building after hours. Part of the thrill is getting caught so balance it right. Hit the emergency stop button and then hit it with your partner.
Be aware you will be romping on borrowed time, as other people will want to use the elevator and the alarm bell will ring automatically. If the building is worth anything then help will arrive pretty quickly, so try and make your thrill ride a quickie!
The best elevators of all for wild sex are the old-style ones with the sliding gate. You have to close the outside door first and then slide the gate to a locked position before it can move. These elevators are often found in older buildings. However, between floors, if you simply slide the gate open it automatically shuts down the elevator. Most don’t have cameras or automatic alarms either. You have hit the alarm button yourself so make sure if you have your partner up against the side of the elevator be aware of where the alarm button is. The only disturbance you will have is from irate people on other floors who are calling the lift.
With no automatic alarm, this will give you maximum time for you to have passionate sex before you have to finish your ride, lock back the gate and continue on your day, both with mischievous smiles on your faces.


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3 mistakes that kill your relationship

relationship killerBeing in a healthy relationship is no easy accomplishment. For most people, the first 6 months of a relationship are amazing, surreal and sometimes too good to be true. But sooner or later, reality starts to sink in and that’s when the hard work begins. You begin to argue, to iron out the kinks and figure out whether or not your relationship has long-term potential.


If you’re worried about making mistakes, then don’t get too worked up. We all make mistakes however it is crucial to know which mistakes you should absolutely avoid when it comes to love, dating and sex.


  1. 1.     Being in a relationship for sex

Relationships based on physical attraction will never last. Do not date or commit to an individual just because the bedroom chemistry is out of this world. Many of us begin relationships with the assumption that we are madly attracted to a particular person, and then once the sex gets boring, we soon leave.

  1. 2.     Analyzing every minor detail

The human mind is an interesting field of study because we are one of the only living creatures on the planet that can reason and this is why we tend to overanalyze situations and relationships. If you can, try to stay focused on the present and to practice pure acceptance. Over-thinking or holding onto past feelings usually causes a lot of problems in relationships.

  1. 3.     Quit listening to your friends and loved ones

If the people who have known you the longest and the closest to you are saying that your partner is nothing but bad news. Then perhaps it is time to reconsider your stance on the relationship. Remember, that your friends and family know you the best, and their opinion is valid as they’ve likely been there for you when you got heart broken before.


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Questions you wish you could ask on a first date

sexy dating coupleOh, the woes of the first date. You spend your time picking out the perfect restaurant; the ideal outfit and you try your utmost to present yourself as someone worthy of dating. In some cases, a first date can feel wonderful. You walk away thinking that you’ve made a connection with another human, and then over time, you realize that they were just presenting a false image of themselves.


Unfortunately for you and for many daters out there, human social interaction has a specific schema that involves being polite and not asking brutally honest questions when we first meet someone. But what would you ask if you didn’t care about how you’d come across?


Well, here’s what we would ask:


  1. So are you the type of person who likes to fuck on the first date? Or are we going to wait weeks, maybe months before hitting the sheets?
  2. Your online dating profile said you were the “sushi master”, can you actually make wicked sushi or is it something you did once or twice and thought it would make you more attractive to other sex?
  3. If we were to date, are you the kind of person who expects constant communication? Do you expect me to tell you every minor detail of my (sometimes boring) existence?
  4. You describe yourself as a “freelance graphic designer”, is that just a good title to replace the fact that you don’t work? And how much money do you actually make?
  5. How often do you like to have sex? Do you have any insecurities about getting naked in front of other people?
  6. Do you like to cuddle after sex?
  7. Who else are you dating? Is it just me, or are you here because someone cancelled on you?
  8. Are you actually over your ex? Or are you still sleeping with them?
  9. Do you have any serious addictions? Or any plans to gain a ridiculous amount of weight in the next 6 months? ]
  10. Do you expect me to pay for everything? Or are you the type who pays for your fair share?
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The 3 relationship commandments

sexy realtionship coupleBeing in a relationship isn’t the happily ever after portrayed in your favorite Hollywood. Relationships take a lot of work to maintain because no human on this planet is perfect. All of us are flawed and all of us eventually change over time. The couples who are willing to work through their problems, show patience and accept their partners fully, are typically the ones who survive the test of life.


If you are happy in-love right now, and you want to keep those levels of bliss up, then take note of the following relationship commandments:


Don’t bottle up your emotions: If you are upset about something, then talk about it immediately before your resent builds up to a frighteningly dangerous level. You must understand that there is a difference between nitpicking and genuinely being cross about something. Know the difference and communicate.


Quit being so judgmental: The saying “familiarity breeds contempt” is the reason why loving relationships turn sour. When two people start dating, they adorn masks and the other person projects an image of an ideal relationship onto their partner. What happens over time is that the mask drops and the honeymoon is over. The reality remains: Our partner is not who we thought they were, so we give up. But what if we learned to accept people (flaws and perfections)?


Make time for yourself: Never lose sight of who you are, and why your partner became attracted to you in the first place. This means you need to maintain your hobbies, your goals and your aspirations. Don’t lose sight of who your friends are, and how awesome your life was before you met your current beau.

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4 more signs that you’ve been single for too long

  1. sexy weard single1.     You think you’ve forgotten how to make out

You cant remember the last time you actually locked lips with another human being, and you’re starting to panic because you might’ve become a terrible kisser over this extended period of time of going without. If this is the case, then yes, you have been single for too long and you need to join a hookup dating site pronto.


  1. 2.     You’re jealous and bitter of friends in new relationships

When you’re single, something very strange happens in the universe and all the sudden, all your reliable single friends enter into long-term romantic relationships. It’s hard enough being single, but now what are you going to do about those beloved friends you need to take to the bar with you? If you find yourself becoming jealous and bitter about others couples happiness, then it’s a strong warning sign.


  1. 3.     You’ve forgotten how to be intimate and open up to people

The longer you are single, the more you realize that opening up and being vulnerable is kind of a scary thing. As time goes on, you learn to shelter your heart more and more because being alone prevents heartbreak and pain. If you find it difficult to open up with others then you’ve definitely been single for far too long.


  1. 4.     You find something wrong with everyone

No matter how many dates you go on or how many interesting people cross your path, you are always the first one to sabotage a potential relationship by being negative. There’s one thing wrong with a person and you just can’t overcome this hump. This is nothing more than a defense mechanism and it’s something that needs to stop if you want to find happiness.

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Signs you have been single for too long

fetish single womanBeing single has its obvious advantages, as well as disadvantages. The truth remains that the more time you spend being single, the more difficult it becomes to find a meaningful relationship that you’re not just “settling” on because you don’t want to be single anymore.


Spending time with yourself is great, but spending too much time alone can cause you to become reclusive, or even desperate. So what are the signs that you’ve been single for too long?


Watch out for the following:


You don’t have standards anymore – Seriously, you are contemplating having sex with men who utterly revolted you six months ago. Why the sudden change? Well, it’s called desperation and it fucks up your perception of reality. Keep your standards in check, if you want to find a meaningful relationship. Conversely, if you just want sex, then fuck someone hot.


You’re actually contemplating being gay – Everyone thinks that gay people are having so much sex, and it’s so easy to meet people in the gay community. But it’s just like the hetero community, and many people face the same challenges of meeting the “right” person.


You think about your ex and “what could have been” – You find yourself cyberstalkign your ex more often than you’d like, and you actually start thinking that you’ve made a mistake. The thought of getting back with him or her crosses your mind, until you remember why you broke up in the first place. The past is over, don’t move backward just because you’re single right now.

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What we can learn from Gwyneth Paltrow’s “Conscious Uncoupling” letter

break-up celeb coupleWhen celebrities breakup, it’s often splashed all over the tabloids like both parties involved are immune to having their feelings hurt. The good thing about being a “normal person” is that we can go through breakups without the gossip and media frenzy.


Now that Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin have announced their “conscious uncoupling” after 10 years of marriage, you can bet that there will repeated analysis, tabloid coverage and talk for a long time to come. After all, they were a very private couple that seemed steady for the most part – but you can never know what happens behind closed doors. When the couple announced their divorce via Gwyneth’s site “goop”, she attached an essay written by two doctors on the nature of divorce; why it happens and why we need to change our perspective on the matter. The essay offered some useful nuggets of dating and relationship advice that we thought we’d shall with you:


  • Idealizing your partner is never good news. Accept people for who they are and stop projecting ideal images onto them. People will not change; you should love the person for they are – flaws and all.
  • Quit relying on other people for your perception of yourself. In a relationship, it is hard to maintain a sense of individuality, and if you want to be successful then it’s crucial to make time for yourself and your interests.
  • Daily renewal is the secret to long-lasting love. Couples become too comfortable and ultimately start taking each other fore granted.  If a relationship is set to survive the future, then there needs to be a willingness to adapt to change and renew the relationship on a daily basis with continuous affirmation, love and respect.


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What the hell is “conscious uncoupling”?

Chris martin & Gweneth PaltrowUnless you’ve been living in a cave for the past couple days, it’s probable that you’ve heard the news about actress Gwyneth Paltrow and Coldplay frontman Chris Martin officially separating and seeking divorce.


The couple, who have been together for over 10 years and have two kids, Moses 7, and Apple, 9, announced their separation via Gwyneth’s site “goop” and instead of calling it an actual separation, they decided to go with “conscious uncoupling”.


Just in case you’re wondering, “What the fuck does conscious uncoupling mean?” we’ve decided to guide you through the basics and try make sense of the pretentious letter on goop which actually sheds light on plenty relationship/marriage issues faced by common folk.


According to the letter, the human life cycle has increased dramatically over the past couple hundred years, and as a result, the expression “Until death do us part” is no longer valid. When the aforementioned phrase became popular, it was during the rise of the industrial revolution when marriage and the concept of the nuclear family rose to prominence. The average life expectancy during this period was 55, and that’s why men and women who typically decided to settle down in there twenties spent the rest of their lives together. However, thanks to advances in modern medicine, the average life expectancy has risen to an exponential age of 80 years, therefore, according to the letter, we live numerous lives in one, and human aren’t “built” to be with one person for all of eternity.


Of course, some couples do it, but these types are few and far between. The reality is that spending 50 years with one person is unrealistic, and while divorce is a term riddled with negative energy, the idea of conscious uncoupling simply means that two people have mutually agreed to end their marriage because they cannot change together, and wish to explore something alternative.


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8 different types of ways you can love a person

  1. Passionated love coupleFriendship – Fondness and familiarity breed friendly relations with other humans. Being friends with another person enables you to feel closeness, and warmth towards the other without intense sexual feelings.
  2. Infatuation – This often characterizes the early stages of love where one or two people literally become obsessed with the other person. There may not be intimacy or commitment, but romance and sexual fireworks are certainly in the air.
  3. Empty love – this is love without commitment. Think about two people who have been dating for a few months, but are still unsure how to define the relationship. Everything is there, but it’s not just spoken about or it has not been explored fully.
  4. Romance – The combination of physical and emotional intimacy enables two people to become smitten with one another. They are drawn to each other and bonded through commitment.
  5. Companionship – Most couples that have been married for a long time understand this type of love very well. The passion and romance are not dead, but it’s certainly not like it was in the beginning. Rather, they are life mates, companions together facing the challenges and pleasures life brings together.
  6. Fatuous – marriage with passion and companionship. This is an ideal state for monogamous couples. The commitment is solid and the relationship ceases to be boring or lacking passion.
  7. Consummate love – The highest form humans can reach. It’s an ideal relationship where there is respect, acceptance, strong friendship, long term commitment and passion. It’s two humans who function well together no matter what. This is the ultimate, and it’s very hard to attain.


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Making the most of your relationship

happy relationship coupleIt has always troubled me that love can die. It’s so odd that two people can fall in-love in the beginning, but utterly hate each other in the end. What happens in the space between love and hate? And how do couples get there?


Of course, the answer to that question is vastly complicated, but I think it has something to do with embracing change and acceptance. You need to understand that your relationship will take on many different meanings over time, and that clinging to the past or what was is not the way to make your current relationship successful. You need to accept the present and learn to keep those respect levels up.


Here are just a few more tips for making love last:

  • Be realistic about who you are and who your partner is. No two people are alike. If that were so, your relationship would be utterly boring. Don’t place unrealistic expectations on your partner, instead to seek to understand who they are and what they are capable of.
  • Small things reap big rewards. Don’t treat your relationship like a game of tennis where you go back and forth with acts of kindness. Real love doesn’t keep score, instead you do small things (like making dinner) to show your love. The more small things you do, the more your partner feels spoiled to have you.
  • Avoid the routine. It has been said that anything too predictable in life quickly becomes boring. Couples who are successful know the benefits of altering the routine. So don’t be afraid to embrace a little change here and there. It’s a good thing.


Remember to communicate openly and never forget that love is a verb. It’s something you have to do.

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Why living together is an exciting challenge

sexy marriage coupleAccording to the American Census Bureau, marriage is on the decline. Less and less couples are opting to shack up and share their belongings as opposed to paying for an extravagant wedding and a piece of paper. The jury is still out on whether living together or not actually betters or worsens couples motivation for getting married eventually, as we all know that couples who don’t live together before marriage still have the same odds for success as couples who do.


But hey, that’s all statistical jargon. If you’re thinking about moving in with your boyfriend or girlfriend, then here are a few important conversations to have:


Define your relationship: Don’t just move in with your partner to save money on rent. If you do this, the relationship will not last. It’s not about money; it’s about whether you are ready to take this step in your relationship. Talk about what it means to both of you to live with one another.


Talk about money: When you live together, you will be splitting the cost of food, entertainment, Internet, and household items. It’s important to talk about budgets and how much each of you is willing to spend on the things you need, and define the different wants and necessities.


Split household tasks: Dishes, vacuuming, laundry, and taking out the garbage are not tasks that can rest on one person’s shoulders. As a couple, you need to sit down and write out the tasks that need to be done around the house, and devise a plan for who does what and when. It can be a rotating schedule or something fixed. Doing this will eliminate the chances of fighting over things related to cleanliness.

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How to please a woman who makes more money than you


 Man on hand and knees to please a womanSo you’ve met a wonderful woman online. She’s smart, she’s funny and she’s drop dead gorgeous. Every date you’ve been on has been a blast and you can feel this connection branching off into relationship territory. But there’s one minor detail that has you concerned – she earns more money than you. Yes, that’s right. You always thought it would be awesome to date a Sugar Mamma, and now you’re doing it. The weird thing is that your ego feels slightly crushed, and you’re wondering how to impress a woman who can virtually purchase anything she wants for herself.

 Well, brother, don’t fret. We’re here to save the day with some helpful tips and advice.

 Money is an object

Due to mainstream gender norms, you might feel that the role of a man is to protect and provide for the woman in his life. But studies have consistently shown that women don’t mind providing financially as long as her man is at least working, and contributing in other meaningful ways. If you can make your woman feel cherished and appreciated in the relationship then she will likely not give a damn that you earn less.

 A thoughtful gift is often better than something fancy

Women aren’t as material as you might assume based what you read in magazines or see in the movies. In fact, buying her something expensive and way overpriced says nothing about the way you feel about her. Whereas putting time, thought and energy into getting her something special is so much more meaningful and romantic. Furthermore, women get all mushy on the inside when the man they love takes time to make her a card that says warm words about his true feelings – no fancy designer bag can ever compare to this.

 Remember never to feel insecure or overwhelmed by the idea of a woman making more than you. It’s apart of our modern day reality, and as long as you are providing something then we can safely say you are doing just fine.

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